Psychogeography Project

Kurt Braunohler, Calvin Johnson, and Scott Gabriel Knowles have been hosting psychogeographic and Situationist-inspired events since October, 2001. We stress critical, spontaneous, performative exploration of urban space—striving to create an ongoing, living map of the subjective urban experience.

Other Projects
Island Adventures
~Staten Island, December 2002
~~City Island, February 2003

New York StreetmusicMap, in collaboration with The Squid's Ear, August 2003
~I Heart NY T-Shirt Share, April 2003

Roadtrip Presentations
“Where Have You Been? Conversations on Travel,” hosted by Jeff Stark, New York, September 2007

Talk20, 4th Edition “Feedback,” Philadelphia, October 2007

"Psychogeography Project New York," in Loose Maneuvers, Jema Cabrias, ed., (New York: Trading Places, 2002).

“24 Hour Roadtrip,” in Glowlab 10, Jessica Thompson, ed., September/October 2006.

“Faculty Spotlight,” Stacy Stanislaw, ASK: The Journal of the College of Arts & Sciences at Drexel University, 2005.

“Stop and Smell the Sewers,” Kurt Gottschalk and Urania Mylonas, The Squid’s Ear, June 24, 2003.

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